Kalmed Clinic, in partnership with Ceteris, will be holding a CPR and Defibrillator training workshop open to staff at Springfield House and members of the public.

The first workshop will be held on Tuesday 27th November, 10am - 12pm.

The event will take place at Springfield House, Laurelhill Business Park, Stirling. 

We will run a monthly rolling program of health awareness and training workshops including CPR / defibrillator training, stroke awareness / screening for atrial fibrillation with Alivecor and First Aid training.

These events will be free and open to the public and aim to ensure that the local community are aware of what they can do to help in situations where CPR or a defibrillator may need to be used. We hope to use these workshops to promote awareness of cardiovascular health and offer monthly sessions on heart rhythm abnormality screening, mainly for atrial fibrillation as this is the most common abnormality in the over 50s and a great risk factor in stroke disease. Alivecor technology will be used for the screening which only takes 30 seconds to do a rhythm ECG strip with the device using a validated screening test.

Places will be limited so follow the link below to book your place:


If you are unable to attend this date please keep an eye on our website and social media pages for updates on future workshops and training sessions!