Robust HGV Medical Satisfying Safety Issues

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First off, let’s get it out the way . . . we know we are not the cheapest HGV medical providers on the market.  The reason for this is because we provide a full medical history by asking our patients to request a GP summary sheet* from their normal GP. Cheap doesn’t mean thorough.

Why do we do this?

The reason we do this is because we want to provide the best service we possibly can, we want to protect you (the driver), your employer and the public. With incidents like the bin lorry in Glasgow, it is so important for all drivers, previous employers and GP’s to be completely open and upfront about the HGV driver’s medical history.

What’s the bin lorry incident got to do with it?

The sheriff dealing with the fatal accident inquiry said, “there were reasonable precautions which could have been taken whereby the accident might have been avoided” and he made recommendations to avoid any such incident happening again. Some of these 19 recommendations are as follows:
Doctors generally, and general practitioners in particular, should take steps to ensure that medical notes are made and kept in such a way as to maximise their ability to identify repeated episodes of loss of consciousness, loss of or altered awareness, in the case of patients who are or may become drivers.
When a doctor is advising an organisation employing a driver as to that driver’s fitness to drive following a medical incident whilst driving, that organisation should provide all available information about the incident to the doctor and the doctor should insist on having it prior to giving advice to the organisation and the driver.
DVLA should change its policy on notification from third parties so that relevant fitness to drive information from ostensibly reliable sources, such as the police, can be investigated whether or not it comes in written form.
DVLA should redouble its efforts to raise awareness of the implications of medical conditions for fitness to drive amongst the medical profession.
The Secretary of State for Transport should instigate a consultation on how best to ensure the completeness and accuracy of the information available to DVLA in making fitness to drive licensing decisions with a view to making legislative change.
Part of this exercise should involve considering increasing the penalties and altering the mode of prosecution for contravention of section 94 of the Road Traffic Act 1988.
Not only are we providing a service that will give you (the driver) a robust medical that will fulfil most of the above recommendations and any potential safety issues, it will give you, your employer and the public the confidence and trust that you are medically capable to operate a large commercial vehicle.

As the Doctor, we cannot decide whether you are fit to drive, this is down to the DVLA, but to fully complete the form to the best of our ability and that of your medical history we need as much information as possible.

It’s the driver’s responsibility

It is against the law to falsify a medical form, which means if you lie or bend the truth or even forget to mention something that has an impact on your medical ability to drive then you (the driver) will be in a lot of trouble. Part of your training as a HGV driver is to make sure you are in reasonable health to operate your vehicle safety, and you need to declare any health issues that you think may affect your driving ability as soon as possible to the DVLA.

What’s included in the medical?


  • Verification of medical history and any medication from the GP summary sheet* and comprehensive medical history
  • Medical examination including;
    • Blood pressure
    • Visual testing
    • Height, weight 
    • An ECG rhythm strip to screen for atrial fibrillation and rhythm abnormalities in the over 50 year olds
  • Completion of D4 DVLA form and any appropriate recommendations

What you need to bring along to the health check

If you come to us for your HGV medical, we require you to bring along the following:

  • GP summary sheet* or medical record CD
  • Photo ID
  • DVLA D4 form (you can download here)
  • Normal glasses (or contact lenses) for driving

* Prior to your medical at Kalmed, we require a GP summary sheet from your own NHS GP (requested from your Practice reception staff) or the new £10 CD available from your Practice which contains all your medical records. Most Practices can issue the GP Summary sheet within 1-2 working days but may vary and 1-2 weeks for the CD.

Are cheap medicals always best?

For your pocket maybe, but as part of your responsibility to the public and your employer to make sure that no detail is missed, it’s well worth the money.

Get in touch

If you have a questions about our HGV medical then please do not hesitate to call and chat to Dr Lifson on 01786 406410 or contact us via the contact page.