General Doctor Consultations


The average wait for an NHS GP doctor is now nearly 3 weeks!

Why wait when you can get an appointment with Dr Lifson within 24-48 hours? At Kalmed Clinic we offer flexible appointments to suit individual patient needs and circumstances.

We offer traditional private general doctor appointments in 15, 20, 30 and up to 60 minutes depending on the consultation. We will always go at your pace and never rush you. Patient led services are extremely important to Dr Lifson and being a physician, he can problem solve based on your symptoms and history.

Dr Lifson can also provide telephone consultations and online consultations via Facetime or Skype, to book your appointment click here. If the situation requires it, Dr Lifson can do a house call within 5 miles of the clinic.

All consultations with Kalmed Clinic are completely confidential and information is only shared with your own NHS GP if you give us consent to do so.

Dr Lifson has extensive experience and contacts it ensures a rapid and a high-quality referral system to expert consultant colleagues.


15 minutes £80.00
20 minutes £100.00
30 minutes £135.00
60 minutes £275.00
10 minute telephone consult  £60.00
15 minute video consult  £70.00
30 minute video consult  £120.00


House Call (within 5 miles + consultation fee) £150.00
Private Consultant Referral £50.00
Radiology Referral £40.00
Email medical advice £30
Fitness notes / insurance letters £50
ECG with 20 minute consultation £180
ECG without consultation £100
Spirometry £100