check out our FAQs below for most common answers

This FAQ section is where you can find some of the most commonly asked questions here at Kalmed Clinic. Should there be anything not covered please contact us direct via the contact form where we can answer your questions promptly.

Do you share patient data with any organisation?

No. Kalmed Clinic has a strict and robust confidentiality policy and no patient data is shared with any other organisations

Do my Kalmed private GP medical notes automatically get sent to my NHS GP?

No. Kalmed Clinic will only share clinic information with your own NHS GP with your consent.

Can I be registered with both Kalmed Clinic and my own NHS GP?

Yes. Kalmed Clinic will work in conjunction with your own NHS GP Practice and with your consent will update your NHS GP Practice as required and appropriate.

How do I make an appointment with Kalmed Clinic?

Appointments may be made by telephoning 01786 406410, on-line at and by email to

How does your dispensary service work?

Kalmed Clinic is a Dispensing Clinic and will provide private prescription medication to patients. This may be done following a consultation and collected from the Clinic or posted if required for next day delivery. Repeat prescription medication may also be ordered by email to, on-line at or by telephoning 01786 406410.

I am visiting the UK from overseas and require my prescription medication. Can this be supplied?

Yes. If you have a valid and prescription from your own doctor this can be verified and then transcribed to a Kalmed Clinic prescription, dispensed and delivered to a UK or EU address next day delivery via UPS or collected from Kalmed Clinic if you are staying locally. This may be done on-line at, emailing or telephoning 01786 406410.

Where does the Kalmed name for the clinic originate?

Kalmed Clinic is named in memory of Dr Lifson’s Uncle, Dr Kalman Alan Lifson, who gave him tremendous inspiration for values and achievement in life and in memory of his father, Dr William Lloyd Lifson, who was his inspiration to study medicine. Click here for the legacy information for Uncle Kal.