There are various reasons you may need a medical (health check) but usually they are for work, for travel or to prove you are fit to drive or operate certain machinery.  However, sometimes you want a health check for peace of mind about your own health or a loved ones.

Sometimes the work related medicals are covered under various insurances but other times you are required to gain the medical before you can obtain the insurance or accept a job offer.

This blog will give you details of the medicals that Kalmed Clinic can provide and what may be covered in the various medicals.

VISA Medicals – From £250 (fees on request)

VISA medicals or health checks are required if you are planning on travelling to or working in some worldwide locations. These locations include (but are not limited to):

  • China
  • Australia
  • USA
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Kuwait
  • South Africa
  • New Zealand
  • Canada

Depending on the country you are visiting or working in, different checks or aspects are required. Some countries require a basic VISA medical and some require a more in depth questionnaire and examination, including blood tests and X-rays.

DVLA Medicals - £125

If your job has a driving element to it (HGV, fork lift truck driver, police, fire, ambulance, taxi etc) you may be required to undertake a DVLA medical annually (or in another specific time frame) to confirm you are fit to drive.

If you have an illness that may affect your driving ability, you may also be asked to complete a DVLA medical for the DVLA to issue a licence based on the medical guidelines on your fitness to drive.

Stroke Prevention & Atrial Fibrillation Detection Health Check - £200

This medical will include the new innovative AliveCor digital health device to screen for atrial fibrillation (find out what atrial fibrillation is here), if an abnormal heart rhythm is detected a full 12 lead ECG will be conducted.  Included in the health check:

  • A pre-assessment questionnaire
  • Risk profile history
  • Full cardiovascular examination including;
    • Blood pressure
    • Blood test for cholesterol/glucose
    • Heart rhythm tracing
  • Follow up report with risk profile and recommendations for any follow up checks with GP or cardiologist.

Why screen for atrial fibrillation in people over 65?

Cardiovascular Wellbeing Health Check - £200

Our new innovative AliveCor digital health device can also be used for cardiac and palpation diagnosis service. You will be provided with this fantastic health device to use at home for 14 to 21 days to enhance the capture of the symptoms in your own environment.  You will then email the tracing (results) to Dr Lifson directly.  This service would also include:

  • Initial consultation to assess risk
  • Examination
  • Instructions on how to use the device
  • Follow up consultation (return of the device)

Executive Health Checks - £200

Looking after your employees and your own health is crucial to identify any possible impacts a specific business may have, and to evaluate any potential risk factors.  Ensuring that your employee health is at optimal levels and identifying any illnesses in advance will benefit the business positively by reducing absence through sickness.

Tests that are conducted will be physical, age and sex appropriate and can include intense evaluation if there are likely to be health issues. Usually the health check includes blood tests, body functions and an ECG reading.

Corporate Pre-Employment Medical – £200

As part of a recruitment process you may be asked to complete a pre-employment health check as the applicant or if you are a business looking to employ.  The purpose of these medicals is to identify any potential work-related risks and to advise employers of the current fitness of the new employee.

Pre-employment medicals will take in to consideration the job description the applicant is applying for and report on the fitness of the applicant for the role. Various aspects of the applicant’s health will be covered and may include (not limited to):

  • Full medical history
  • Blood pressure
  • Heart function
  • Lung function
  • Height and weight
  • BMI
  • Eyesight evaluation

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A full range of medicals are available and tailored to the individual patient or corporate healthcare requirements.

Please contact Dr Lifson for further information about these medicals or any other medicals required.