Does your living depend on driving a HGV like a lorry or a bus? If so, you’ll know that in order to legally drive a commercial vehicle on a public road, you need a medical exam to prove that you’re fit for work.

Why do I need the exam?

All drivers who carry either heavy goods or passengers must be safe to drive extensive miles for long periods of times. It’s paramount you’re healthy. Even if you think you are, your medical exam might identify any medical conditions you don’t know about.

HGV and PCV drivers require medicals throughout their careers.  You’ll need a medical when you start your job, then every five years once you’re 45, and then every year once you’re 65.

It’s relatively easy to arrange this exam.  Your GP will conduct the relevant tests and complete the D4 form (the form the DVLA needs) for you.

What does the check-up involve?

There are two parts to the medical check. Firstly, the physical exam itself will probably take about half an hour. Your doctor will check your sight, blood pressure and other vital signs.

Then you will discuss any existing medical conditions which might feasibly affect your driving. You’ll also need to go through your medical history, anything and everything health-related in your past, which might impact your health.

Your GP doesn’t actually make the decision about whether or not you are safe to drive. This is down to the DVLA. The DVLA looks closely at the submission your doctor makes but your input to the exam itself is crucial, because your previous medical history has a real bearing on their decision.

My medical history

During the standard DVLA check-up, your doctor might not have access to your full medical history. So, it’s up to you to be honest and upfront about anything in your past which might affect your ability to do your job properly.

Once your check-up is complete, you need to give a declaration of consent.  Simply, a signature at the end of the form before your GP can submit it. Ultimately, it’s your responsibility to ensure you are happy with the information sent to the DVLA.

A word of caution

It all sounds relatively straightforward, and the check-up itself is. But at the Kalmed Clinic we can make things easier for you and give you peace of mind.

We understand it’s possible that you might not remember your medical history in every detail.  It’s also possible that you might forget about something that could actually affect your ability to do your job and to drive safely. If you have an accident or any violation that reveals discrepancies in your history against your medical report to the DVLA, there could be serious repercussions.

There’s an easy way to avoid this

At the Kalmed Clinic, we routinely carry out HGV medical check-ups. As outlined above, the process itself is relatively straightforward. But we can offer you a comprehensive health check which includes the standard DVLA medical check-up and all for the same price.

We are currently the only people in the UK to offer this service.

What’s the difference?

Peace of mind. That’s the difference. You can discuss your medical history based on access to all your reports, candidly, and you can submit your form to the DVLA in complete confidence. You’ll know for sure your submission is based on your actual medical history. Together we minimise any opportunity for misinterpretation.

Your comprehensive health check

Prevention is better than cure. The comprehensive HGV health check we offer includes the following and will be conducted by Dr Lifson who has a vast history and skills in general medicine, cardiology hospital experience and occupational health checks.

  • Verification of medical history and any medication from the GP summary sheet* and comprehensive medical history
  • Medical examination including;
    • Blood pressure
    • Cardio-respiratory examination
    • Visual testing
    • Neurological
    • Musculo-skeletal examination
    • Height, weight and BMI
  • An ECG rhythm strip to screen for atrial fibrillation and rhythm abnormalities
  • Blood glucose test for diabetes
  • Completion of D4 DVLA form and any appropriate recommendations

What you need to bring along to the health check

If you come to us for your HGV medical, we require you to bring along the following:

  • GP summary sheet* or medical record CD
  • Photo ID
  • DVLA D4 form (you can download here)
  • Normal glasses (or contact lenses) for driving

Take care of yourself and you’ll take care of your job. Your employer, family and friends will thank you for it.

*Prior to your medical at Kalmed, we require a GP summary sheet from your own NHS GP (requested from your Practice reception staff) or the new £10 CD available from your Practice which contains all your medical records. Most Practices can issue the GP Summary sheet within 1-2 working days but may vary and 1-2 weeks for the CD.